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Steve Kirschner founded IREON (acronym) for Income Real Estate Operations Network in 2016, after decades of networking. He is the COO and oversees its management.


Steve's goal was to create an organization made up of trusted friends who were noncompeting vendor service and product suppliers who serve the commercial real estate industry.

From inception, its foundation was to be a safe "inner circle" of caring members wanting to help each other grow their companies by sharing their business relationships and contacts.   


IREON has always been a "labor of love" for Steve.   


As CEO and Broker Representative of Principals Direct Group, he has had an incredibly successful career as a Commercial Real Estate Broker closing deals in NYC, Long Island, and throughout the US.

Steve Kirschner


According to Steve Kirschner, CEO/founder of IREON, Edye Jedda has been appointed Vice President. Edye has the responsibility to handle day to day operations. 

"Jedda is self - motivated and lives for a pang of pride after delivering every project.  Her natural personality along with her passion for what she does helped develop her leadership skills. She has strong organizational/interpersonal skills, problem solving, negotiation and budgeting, with attention to details and is top on everything forever with a smile.  She is about trust, delegation and getting the work done.  She infuses passion with enthusiasm in her everyday work," said Kirschner. 

Jedda has coordinated events for financial firms for several years at the Four Seasons Hotel in NYC with over 400 attendees.  SHe was also part of the team that coordinated the Grand Opening Gala for Goldman Sachs headquarters at Battery Park for several hundred people. 

Edye Jedda

Vice President

Published 9/13/22

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Member Events

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Hosted perpetually by Steve between 2 members who have an excellent synergy that will expedite financial reward sharing relationships that will “open doors” to new business opportunities for them.

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Industrial Building

Committed to your success

IREON members are based in the New York metro area and work with the major sectors of the New York City economy including construction, manufacturing, finance, and law. Real Estate related companies are the bedrock of development and job creation in NYC and our members reflect and influence the viewpoint of what the Commercial Real Estate community is thinking. Many members have multinational divisions, affiliates, and clients, and include global leaders in their business arena. Several of our members are the largest in the world in their field of service or product supplied.

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